Public Engagement with Postgraduate Education


27th February 2014 University of Surrey

Public Engagement is a growth area in Higher Education with Research Councils including it as recommended good practice and many institutions considering what it means to be an ‘engaged University’. It is also an activity that many PGRs would like to get involved with. The concept of engagement is rapidly evolving from speaking to school children to participating in festivals, and from testing out research findings on users to actively involving ‘the public’ in research design. Not only is the variety of activity becoming more adventurous but, as the concept grows, the range of possibilities for engagement is expanding – the key question is how should students and their supervisors respond to this? Other questions addressed in the workshop are:

  • How should institutions support PGRs and their supervisors?
  • What are the benefits of Public Engagement for doctoral researchers and their supervisors, and can the doctoral process make space for yet another activity or does this kind of activity detract from the research process?

Through examples of PGR public engagement activity, the sharing of different experiences, and offering some insights into future trends affecting research and institutional support, this event will provide the participants with the opportunity to explore the potential for PGRs to engage with ‘public engagement’ and to discuss some of the joys and challenges they might face.
This event is aimed at those working in the postgraduate sector who have experiences of public engagement and have examples to share. It will also be suitable for supervisors and Doctoral researchers who would like to get involved with Public Engagement but are not quite sure of how to go about it. It will also be of interest to those who are simply curious and would like to know more about engagement.

Speakers Include: Professor Jim Al Khalili (University of Surrey), Professor of Public Engagement, University of Surrey Dr Richard Holliman, Champion for Public Engagement with Research, Open University

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