World Cancer Day – Meet Pete the Beaker!

Today is World Cancer Day and I’d be very grateful if you could all please spread the word about cancer research at Birmingham by sharing this animation.

 We hope this simple video featuring Pete the Beaker will help promote and fundraise for our life-saving research so please do share this link with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or any other inventive way you can think of. If enough of us share it, it might go viral and that would be amazing.

 If you’re inspired to support our cancer researchers on World Cancer Day, please give online.

 Many thanks and best wishes

 Nick Blinco

Director of Engagement


  1. Could you use your research to raise awareness in a similar way? Here are a list of some awareness days/months over the next year………Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (March) , Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month (March), World Meteorological Day (March 23), World Tuberculosis Day (March 24), World Purple Day (Epilepsy; March 26), National Doctors Day (March 30), Hug a Medievalist Day (March 31), National Autism Awareness Month (April), Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (April), Youth Homelessness Matters Day (April 1), International Children’s Book Day (April 2), World Health Day (April 7), Draw a Picture of a Bird Day (April 8), World Parkinson’s Day (April 11), International Day of Human Space Flight (April 12), Look up at the Sky Day (April 14), 1755 Publication of Dictionary of the English Language by Dr. Samuel Johnson (April 15), World Haemophilia Day (17 April), World Voice Day (April 16), Football World Cup 2014 and more!

  2. Also don’t forget the Viral Hepatitis Day (28th of July), World AIDS Day (1st of December), World Polio Day (24th of October), VIrus Appreciation Day (3rd of October)…… I think I might be slightly bias towards viruses, but I’m happy to help if you want to host and/or arrange activities around the awareness days (

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