Flatpack Film Festival – neuroscience-based events at Cafe Neuro THIS WEEKEND!

If you like your cinema, and your neurosciences – you’re in for a double whammy of delights! With a Welcome Trust grant, the people organizing the successful Flatpack Film Festival (the triple F of Brum) and Emil Troescu (College of MDS) have put together a weekend of interesting neuroscience-based events within the Cafe Neuro this weekend, from Fri 21st to Sun 23rd March 2014.

The central piece will be a talk on Neurocinematics – the science behind the cinematic experience and what it tells us about brain activity on Friday 21st. 

The series of events will start with a historical piece, on Gheorghe Marinescu, a Romanian Neuroscientist who was the first one, only 3-4 years after the first public film projection, to use this medium of moving pictures to create a series of films on neurological diseases.

On Saturday the 22nd, the Birmingham Midland Institute will host another series of events, involving Prof. Chris Miall (School of Psychology) and Dr. Martin Vreugdenhil (from Neuronal Networks, (SCEM in MDS)) (see ), where BUIC will be the centre of interest for those members of the public who expressed an interest in visiting it (with the help of Dr. Andy Bagshaw).

If you know of any youngsters, or other members of the general public that might be interested in finding out how information travels through the brain – maybe you’d want to visit the hands-on, reality creating workshop organised by Lightbox Cinema, on Sunday 23rd, at thinktank (a good occasion to visit this Science Museum of Birmingham).

Please come along and enjoy the wide palette of films (from short to long!) and you might also find out something interesting about the brain!

For further information please see the full program available on the internet: http://www.flatpackfestival.org.uk/events/season/flatpack-8/.