Scientists using Twitter


A really interesting article by Sarah Boon (PhD) about scientists using Twitter has come out at Canadian Science Publishing. Read in full here

Recently, Kirk Engelhardt, Director of Research Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology, posted two hotly debated articles: one on why more university researchers aren’t tweeting, and a second on whether Twitter can make scientists better communicators. 

Based on that discussion, Sarah’s post aims to dispel five key myths that seem to come up in most discussions of scientists using Twitter. These are:

1.    Serious scientists don’t Tweet.

2.    Twitter takes too much time.

3.    You can’t say anything meaningful in 140 characters.

4.    Twitter erases necessary boundaries between students and faculty

5.    Twitter is only for self-promoters


To read why these 5 points are myths go HERE to read the article in full. Are you a UoB scientist that uses Twitter? Let’s follow each other if so! Find us here: @UOBengage  

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