ScienceGrrl’s Brum chapter seeks new recruits for BSF event

The Birmingham chapter of ScienceGrrl are recruiting women scientists and engineers for the British Science Festival event, ‘I’m a ScienceGrrl, Talk to Me’.

It will take place around Birmingham Central Library, on Saturday 6th September 10:00 till 16:00 and is described briefly below.

This is a great opportunity for women role models to share, with a family audience, their passion for why they work in science and engineering, what they do and how they got into it. The aim is to breakdown two stereotypes. Firstly, that women are perfectly able to be brilliant engineers and scientists; Secondly, to dismantle the traditional and inaccurate stereotype of a scientist or engineer. Your presence as role models, coupled with your own personal story may sway young girls and parents to consider a career in a STEM subject.

If you are interested in joining us (even for just a while) or taking a slot on the ScienceGrrl soapbox to talk to a slightly larger audience, then opportunities will be throughout the day. Just email to help us know how many of you to expect.

There is no preparation to do, just turn up as you would normally dress for work. If you normally wear a boiler suit or hard hat, then that’s what you wear. If you wear a power suit, then wear that. If you wear a labcoat, then put on a clean one, and bring a prop that may illustrate what you do. Badges will be provided for you to wear and post cards for the public to collect autographs on. They will get ScienceGrrl badges when they’ve spoken to enough ambassadors and collected enough autographs.

Oh… we’re going for cocktails afterwards!

– This call out message has come through via Jon Wood. One of PEWG’s local Champions. Find out more about Jon & your other champions HERE.