Would you like your research to appear on TV?

The University of Birmingham have been invited to submit stories to two Al Jazeera series, ‘The Cure’ (medical series) and ‘Earthrise’ (science and environment series).

These stories need to be –

  • Positive stories of how science and technology is overcoming environmental challenges, or of new treatments/approaches to healthcare that are improving things for patients
  • Filmable, so things must be happening they can show
  • Happening from Nov this year onwards
  • Ideally at stage of implementation, not very very early but actually involving end users e.g. patients, farmers, conservationists
  • Ideally not happening in the UK. We could get away with a couple of UK based stories but much better if happening not in Europe with the most ideal being in Asia

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity please contact Lucy Vernall – a.l.vernall@bham.ac.uk

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