Does your research group have a blog/social media account?

Hello there,

We’d like to compile a list of all the UoB research blogs and social media accounts which you and your research group use to communicate what you are doing to the public. We know of some of you already, but it would be great to have a comprehensive list so we can keep in the loop with what you are all up to. So even if you think we may already have this information, please re-send so we can be doubly sure!

We’d like to start a page which lists the various different groups as a way of finding out more about what everyone does and hopefully leading to collaborations and/or information exchange in the future, who knows!

Leave a comment below or send us a tweet or direct message with your social media details.

As well as this blog (which is predominantly targeted to UoB researchers), we can be found here: (our public facing website, coming very soon!)

Twitter: @uobengage, please use our #thinkcorner hashtag


 Instagram: (pics coming very soon)