Maths Busking Opportunity

Maths Busking is looking for maths passionate presenters to take Maths Busking shows and workshops to schools within the UK. Presenters will work part-time freelance to begin with. This is suitable both for experience and entry level presenters.

Maths Busking takes pride in delivering shows that are both entertaining and maths rich, motivational and prioritise a feel-good element for the public. To learn more about Maths Busking see

Although we deliver Maths Busking street shows, we require a contractor mostly to deliver school events.The information about this contract is on, feel free to pass on to others that may be interested.

Dr Sara Santos, Director

Maths through street performance, since 2010
New in 2014: Sharing the thrill and importance of Engineering through street performance: Ingenious Busking

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