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Speakezee is a new platform which brings together event organisers and academic speakers.
At its heart is the desire to help more academics engage with the public and to make it easier for organisers to find relevant experts to talk at their event, whatever the size.

It also allows academics to advertise their specialist talks to other academics who organise departmental seminars. More information…

Anyone can Speakezee!
Pop-up speaking events are appearing around the world in venues like cafes, pubs, schools and social clubs. Now, anyone can organise a speaking event and find experts to talk on specific subjects.

Larger events often cover topics at a broader level and require more experienced speakers – Speakezee helps uncover the speakers with the right background for the event.

Academics at all levels recognise that public engagement is an essential part of their role in professional development and demonstrating pathways to impact for research evaluation.

How does it work?
Speakers create a simple profile which focuses on subject expertise and speaking experience. The more complete the speaker profile, the more likely you will be contacted by an organiser.

Event organisers can find and shortlist speakers using a quick and simple search. Once an organiser has found the perfect speakers they can contact them directly to discuss speaking at their event.

The best profiles will include videos of previous talks and evidence of the expertise within the speakers subject area.

What’s next for the project?
Speakezee is brand new and only in its first phase. We plan on releasing new features in the near future, making it more useful for a wider audience and building the ideal platform for speaking events across the world.

Who is behind the project? was conceived and created by Bruce Hood, professor, author and former Royal Institution Christmas Lecturer 2011

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