PINT OF SCIENCE is back in 2015 and is coming to a pub near you in Birmingham!

Pint of Science Logo with GlassesPint of Science 2015 – Monday 18th May to Wednesday 20th May 2015 –

Scientists carry out the most incredible and innovative experiments; growing brain cells in a flask, developing nano-particles to carry drugs around the body or trying to discover dark matter 500 metres below ground level. Yet, this sounds like science fiction to most people. Pint of Science is all about getting these amazing stories out of the lecture theatre or laboratory to people in a familiar, relaxed environment.

This year for the first time, Pint of Science is coming to Birmingham and will take over 4 venues across Birmingham City Centre for 3 consecutive nights (18th to the 20th of May). Some of Birmingham’s leading experts in various scientific fields will present, discuss and take questions on their latest discoveries with members of the public over a beer and a packet of pork scratchings.

The Pint of Science mission is to bring the general public as close as possible to the primary source of knowledge. So close that they will be able to have a chat and drink with the speaker. Each evening there will be at least two experts presenting their research, yet every event at Pint of Science will be different. They will vary greatly and range from engaging talks, discussion panels, demonstrations, live experiments and science comedy. Between talks you can expect fun quizzes, geeky puzzles, engaging stories and other interactive activities. Themes for the festival in Birmingham in 2015 are ‘Beautiful Mind’, ‘Our Body’, ‘Tech Me Out’, and ‘Atoms to Galaxies’.

Tickets are £3 and are available at the Pint of Science website

Pint of Science is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers.

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