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New report from King’s College: Beyond the creative campus

A new report published by academics at King’s College London explores the relation between universities and the creative economy, bringing together views and experiences form academics, creative and cultural practitioners and policy makers. The booklet summarises and critically reflects on discussions and ideas emerging from a two year research network project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).


“The impact agenda has been highly instrumental in encouraging closer relationships with arts, cultural and creative sector organisations, with a focus on tracking and measuring the ways in which investment in these relationships has a positive effect. Like the impact assessment of investment in the arts, these forms of accountability are also criticised for the predominance of economic discourses in shaping the understanding and articulations of ‘value’ in HE policy-making (Gilmore, 2014; Khazragui & Hudson, 2015)”

Download or read the report HERE.

Beyond the creative campus: reflections on the evolving relationship between higher education and the creative economy


Comunian R. and A. Gilmore (2015) Beyond the Creative Campus:  Reflections on the evolving relationship between higher education and the creative economy, published by King’s College London, London (UK) available at
ISBN: 978-1-908951-14-4

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