Alexander Fleming dissemination scheme

CaptureDeadline – 30th September 2015

The Medical Research Foundation invites applications for grants from the Alexander Fleming dissemination scheme. This scheme provides funding to support the dissemination of MRC and Medical Research Foundation-funded research results beyond the scientific peer reviewed press, to patients, participants, practitioners and policymakers.

Applications are welcome from MRC and MRF grant and fellowship holders and researchers in MRC research institutes, units and centres, whose funding is within one year of termination. This one-year time limit may be extended for large MRC-funded clinical trials that have taken some time to publish in the scientific press.

Funded activities may include costs associated with writing, publicising and disseminating non-specialist reports for a wider public audience or network of practitioners, developing web pages or posters or engaging in lectures or seminars to explain the research results and their impact to groups able to effect change. Costs of collaborating with, or buying the services of, other professionals key to the dissemination of your research results beyond the scientific process may also be included. Travel and subsistence costs can be covered, along with the costs of organising events to draw together the target audience. Awards can cover directly incurred costs only and will not cover the costs of the principal investigator’s salary or indirect or overhead costs.

Awards are worth up to £30,000 each.

Link to funder’s web page

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