GO Science: Filling the Gap between Science and Politics

Have you ever wondered how results from scientific studies make their way into policy and influence government decisions?

The Government Office for Science (GO Science) looks to ensure that government policies and decisions are informed by the best scientific evidence and strategic long-term thinking. The Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Mark Walport, advises the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Policy Internship Opportunities at GO Science

The internships are likely to involve undertaking research, drafting briefing notes and background papers, and organising workshops and meetings. They will offer opportunities to work with a number of different teams and across a wide range of science and technology policy topics in GO Science.

Areas covered in GO Science include:

 Lifecourse and Cities – informing the government’s thinking about where and how people will live in the future

 Energy and climate change – Exploring the impacts on the natural environment; in plant and animal sciences, and natural resource management

 Trade and Finance – promoting a strategic approach to the use of science in UK diplomacy and international trade  Innovation and Infrastructure – providing a coordinated and strategic approach to understanding the nature of infrastructure in the UK by assessing how to derive the greatest impact from UK’s scientific innovation and intellectual creativity

 Data and Analytics – supporting the development of the UK’s critical data infrastructure, and embedding data science capability in government activity

 Risk and resilience –

  • delivering a strategic, evidence-driven approach to the government’s contingency planning
  • ensuring S andT is used to improve national security, developing the National Risk Assessment
  • responding rapidly to national threats and challenges.

Length of internship This internship will last 3 months, starting at a date convenient to both GO-Science and the applicant. Location 1 Victoria Street, London. Successful applicants are expected to attend the office, to work with their team members. Occasional days working remotely could be with the agreed with the manager.

Read about the experiences of Sammie Buzzard, University of Reading, who spent her summer working for a government body in Westminster, London: HERE

Find out more about this and other similar policy internship schemes available have a look at some of the guidance from funders and get in touch directly to discover what may be available:






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