How to collaborate with radio and TV producers to create ideas for chemistry-based content

The Academic Ideas Lab is running a workshop supported by The Royal Society of Chemistry to encourage chemists to take part in training for radio & TV, as well as competitions such as the Sheffield International Documentary Festival.

Many academics are keen to reach large numbers of the public with their research and with their expertise in and passion for their subject. Mainstream media can deliver this, but for most researchers the process of working with radio and TV producers is completely unknown. This training is designed to help chemists who are interested in engaging the public with chemistry through interesting and innovative programming.

This workshop offers training to 10 chemists based in research institutions in the Midlands. The aim is to give chemists in academia the skills and contacts to collaborate with TV and radio producers to develop ideas for new programming featuring chemistry on mainstream channels with large audiences. This is not ‘media training’ in the sense of providing on-camera skills for being interviewed.

The workshop aims to

  • Improve their understanding of factual radio and television development
  • Increase their skills at developing ideas based in chemistry for mainstream audiences
  • Give them time with TV and radio producers from respected production companies to refine their ideas and to build personal contacts to collaborate further on chemistry-based ideas

Travel expenses and some funding towards childcare expenses are available for successful applicants. Successful applicants will be required to complete a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of taking part. There will also be some filming taking place during the workshop, which will require consent on a separate consent form. Successful candidates will be required to complete a form to evaluate the day, to provide some short feedback on camera, and to reply to follow-up emails at 2 and 4 months post-workshop to enable the training provider and the Royal Society of Chemistry to discover more about the longer-term impact of the training. We particularly encourage applications from women and from BAME groups as these are under-represented in broadcasting.

Applications are open now until 5pm on Friday 4th December. Download the application form and information for applicants below in the link. 



Lucy Vernall
The Academic Ideas Lab
0121 6033980

To register and for further info:

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