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Interested in collecting Big Data from 9-11yr olds with BBC’s ‘My World’ (Deadline for proposals: Feb 15th)


BBC Learning is planning a major campaign for 2016/2017 aimed at engaging Key Stage 2 pupils (ages 9-11) with investigative science. This exciting and innovative campaign will revolve around the theme of ‘My World’, with key partners including the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society. Schools will take part in a series of investigations over the course of an academic year – each focused on the 5 key curriculum areas for year 5 which are; Forces, Animals including Humans, Living Things & Habitats, Properties & Change of Materials and, Earth & Space.

BBC would like to hear from researchers with an interest in simple but large-scale data collection from potentially huge numbers of the 9-11 age-group and their daily lives. For example, would you be interested in exploring the sleep patterns of 10 year olds? Could the daily recording of weather conditions in every school in the UK give you data that might otherwise be inaccessible? If your project fits, BBC will work with you to devise the investigations through ‘My World.’ Data will be publicly available, however scientists can ensure data is relevant to their own interests for their further analyses and publications. If you are interested in getting involved please send a brief (300 words maximum) outline of your research project and how it might fit with the BBC Learning Science campaign to:

Closing Date is Monday February 15th, 2016

For more detailed info get in touch directly or contact the University of Birmingham’s PER Officer, Caroline Gillett so she can email you the briefing sheet.



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