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Join us for our second ‘Breakfast Brainstorm’ at 9am tomorrow (Feb 24th)!

BB is designed as an informal drop-in gathering of researchers, their support staff, postgrads and PERC members who together support each other’s public engagement efforts and ambitions. The ‘club’ is effectively a social community for public engagement ideas at UoB. We will meet on the last Wednesday of every month for coffee/breakfast at Costa University Centre on campus.

This regular meet-up is an ideal place to soundboard your ideas whilst getting constructive feedback and practical support from others who already have experience/contacts in public engagement with research. There will be no formal agenda at these get-togethers, so that everyone feels welcome to present their ideas. You are also very welcome just to come along and hear what other people are up to.

Breakfast Brainstorm is held at 9:00-10:00 am in Costa University Centre in the basement seating area downstairs.