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Public engagement raises the visibility of women in science

Read the full article over at The Conversation, excerpts below.

“In recent years, being able to engage the general public with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has become part of the job for many academics, who are increasingly required to show that their research is relevant and provides benefits to society. Research councils now demand that scientists detail their pathways to impact. Media training has become routine for most scientists working in a higher education institution and outreach has become an activity you must report against annually and detail on your CV.”

“The low visibility of women in science is one explanation for the paucity of senior female scientists. Without accessible, visible role models it is difficult to attract and retain women in science.

Science communication techniques can be used to provide more visible women in science. Many of our country’s top female scientists are eager to engage with the public and share their stories and experiences through their career, but it is an uphill struggle. Soapbox Science is so far the only UK science event that actively promotes the participation of women in science.”


 Research Fellow, Institute of Zoology

 Senior Lecturer in Behavioural Biology, University of Bristol


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