Beauty and Strangeness in Particle Physics

Cristina Lazzeroni

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences requests the pleasure of your company at the Inaugural lecture of Cristina Lazzeroni. Details below.

Public Engagement with Research Committee would also like to congratulate Cristina on her inauguration. Cristina is also a member of the new Leading to Engage cohort, a group of academics who champion public engagement with research within their Colleges. She has an impressive track record in carrying out impactful engagement activities. 

Professor Cristina Lazzeroni, Professor in Particle Physics
School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Birmingham

Wednesday 25 May 2016, 5.15pm

Lecture Theatre 117, Physics West building, followed by a drinks reception in Seminar Room 1 (West 103)

Cosmological theories suggest that the Universe was created with equal amounts of matter and antimatter.  Evolution to a matter-dominated Universe requires that matter and antimatter behave differently from one another, giving rise to a quantum phenomenon known as CP violation.  This has been detected experimentally, but at a lower level than is required to explain the amount of matter that survives in the Universe today.

In this lecture, Professor Cristina Lazzeroni outlines the journey towards understanding CP violation in the context of the Standard Model of Particle Physics and beyond.  She focuses on her work in experiments at CERN, which study the behaviour of particles with properties labelled beauty and strangeness. She demonstrates how current investigations of rare processes provide some of the most stringent tests so far of the Standard Model, and may reveal new sources of CP violation.

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