Why early career researchers should care about public engagement



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A few quotes below…

“…, there are many benefits to be gained from positively engaging with cross-sector publics, both on a personal and institutional level, and particularly for ECRs. For one, it is truly refreshing to be able to address large and diverse audiences on topics close to one’s research interest, rather than a smattering of a few crusty specialists at conference parallel sessions.”

“In much the same way that interdisciplinary research projects open hitherto unimagined avenues for research, generalist conversations at public events can provide new perspectives and shift your perception of a subject. Talking at literary festivals, appearing in the media and writing blog posts forces you to express your ideas with added clarity.”


“…public engagement is valuable to all institutions. It can only be beneficiary to have staff engage with publics beyond the staff and students enrolled on their courses. It helps promote the researcher, the department and the university thereby ensuring future recruitment.”

“…it ensures that universities are places that radiate learning and that researchers are also teachers and public intellectuals. And it is for these reasons that research promotion and public engagement should be the new imperatives for Early-Career Researchers.”


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