Wellcome Trust re-launches their public engagement funding scheme

New funding scheme for public engagement with research

In April, Wellcome Trust announced they were pausing their public engagement funding to thoroughly review and explore the best ways to support public engagement activities in future. Now, we’re pleased – and more than a little excited – to hear of the outcome of this work.

Wellcome have created a new funding structure for public engagement. It’s designed to:

  • be easier to navigate
  • have fewer barriers to access
  • be flexible enough to support ideas from the broadest range of people and organisations
  • enable us to work more effectively with our communities to seed ideas and drive innovation.

Key changes:

  • No longer need to self-select the appropriate scheme before you apply
  • No longer have application deadlines
  • Simplified application form

Wellcome will be accepting applications for public engagement funding from early January 2017.

You will usually be given a decision within 10 to 12 weeks.

Find out all about the new scheme and how to apply here


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