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Join University of Birmingham for WORLDS COLLIDE II, a networking event designed to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and public engagement with research between our research community and the wider creative sector.

The event will take place on 26 July 2017 at the University of Birmingham.

WORLDS COLLIDE is open to:


The day will focus on opportunities to work together (or collide worlds!) to make public engagement with research exciting, effective and strikingly different. Discussion and networking will be facilitated and will combine the passions, hobbies and expertise of participants working in different fields. There will also be an opportunity at the end of the event to network freely over lunch (complimentary). The event is informal and we hope attendees will leave with useful new contacts to follow up on!

To register for the event, please sign up HERE and provide 8 key words which will help us with the facilitated networking session. Key words can relate to your research/work/ practice, but please also include at least 2-3 key words which reflect personal hobbies/past-times/informal interests e.g. ‘visual perception’, ‘energy storage’, ‘epigenetics ’, ‘nanoparticles’, ‘printmaking’, ‘ethics’, ‘music composition’, ‘biomedical implants’, ‘digital heritage’, ‘social media’, ‘policymaking’, ‘photography’ etc.

Follow the Twitter trail via #uobworldscollide @UOBengage

Please note, this event is not intended for University of Birmingham research support or professional services staff.

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