External Awards & Competitions

This page compiles a list of external competitions and awards for public engagement.

Please note: Whilst some awards are recurring, most are ad hoc so it can be tricky keeping all the possible awards and competitions focused on public engagement with research up-to-date. We try our best, but it’s always worth putting ‘public engagement award‘, ‘public engagement competition‘, ‘science communication award‘, ‘science communication competition‘ into Twitter search, and hitting ‘Latest’ Tweets.

It is also worth checking through the Latest News section of the site and searching for stories tagged ‘awards’ or ‘competition’ to find one-off, ad-hoc award and competition opportunities which crop up from time to time. We also Re-Tweet opportunities we see as relevant, so check our Twitter page.

Thanks to Jon Wood at BrumSciComm  for putting together this short list of upcoming awards/competitions.

Feel free to alert us to any opportunities we may be missing: engage@contacts.bham.ac.uk