Storytelling Researcher Video Competition

The Storytelling Researcher Video Competition is back for 2016! Calling all researchers to present your research in an engaging video and win up to £200!

The Public Engagement with Research Committee (PERC) will be offering 3 prizes [1st place wins £200, 2nd place wins £100 and 3rd place wins £50] for the best 5-minute (or under) videos based on Birmingham research aimed at a general audience. We welcome creative videos from senior staff as well as post-graduate and post-doctoral researchers, whether individually or representing wider groups. The video can be in the form of a presentation, interview, exercise, activity, role-play, cartoon or in any way that you feel conveys your research most effectively. Take a look at previous winners for inspiration!

How will the entries be evaluated?

  • The research is presented in a creative and engaging way that is easy to follow. Fancy graphics and hundreds of extras on set don’t necessarily mean your work is any more exciting – simplicity and enthusiasm can work wonders
  • The level is appropriate for a general audience. Presenting your research effectively could help with recruitment, philanthropy or policy, but presenting at a level that a family could all understand is best. Note – that doesn’t mean ‘dumbing down’, it just means clear explanations.
  • A clear link to the relevance of the research – whether you are a hardcore blue-skies lab scientist or studying the history of art, your research is important. We just want you to help explain why!

For a the full info, rules and entry form get in touch with and put ‘Video Comp 2016’ into the title of your email.

The deadline is Friday 9th December 2016 at 12noon.

Winners will be announced live by Professor Alice Roberts at our annual Public Engagement with Research Day on Thursday 15th December 2016.

Just like last year, this year there is a great opportunity for entrants to get valuable training via an optional free MOOC course on Digital Storytelling which runs for 4 weeks. There were also additional resources created last year on offer to e.g. ThinkPE – How Do I Create a video?


Last Year:

Last year the competition was announced in mid-September and the deadline for video submission was Monday 30th November 2015. Winners were announced and screened at our ‘Myth-busting the Barriers to Public Engagement with Research’ event held on Dec 11th, 2015 where Professor Alice Roberts (the University’s very own Professor of Public Engagement with Science) congratulated the winners who could be present.

A massive thank you to every one who submitted a video into our Storytelling Researcher Video Competition 2015. PERC were extremely impressed the quality of the videos submitted, as well as the imaginative techniques and ideas used. Watch all the videos below.

The winners from 2015 were:
Joint 3rd place (£50 each): Punam Mistry (School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine) and Elizabeth Randall (LES/Biosciences)
2nd Place (£100): Nina Vyas (Dentistry)

1st Place (£200):  Joe Tickle (Centre for Liver Research) 

Huge congratulations to the winners, a huge amount of effort and attention to detail went into these videos.


Thanks to the hard word from all our other entrants too! Even if you didn’t win, we want to emphasize again how much we appreciate your efforts.