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At each event, three PhD researchers, from any academic discipline, explain their work to an audience in a pub in exchange for a pint or two. The talks are at a “pub level” – no jargon or PowerPoint allowed!

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Cultural Engagement

The University of Birmingham is home to a diverse cultural offer which includes public museums, galleries, archives, libraries and cultural venues. Our cultural collections and venues deliver innovative and high quality research, teaching and public engagement. Together they present a diverse range of events and performances throughout the year

If you would like more information about the opportunities to engage with the public through the cultural collections and venues speak to Laura Milner. Cultural Engagement also operate the Cultural Intern Scheme.

TV, Radio and multimedia

Academic Ideas Lab is an innovative new project originally funded through the Higher Education Innovation Fund. Academic Ideas Lab help TV, radio and multimedia producers find and use the latest research, facilities and expertise in their programmes and web sites. In addition, they can provide academics at University of Birmingham with the contacts and know-how they need to reach audiences with the fruits of their research. One of the great examples is Prof Janice Thompson’s (College of Life and Environmental Sciences) appearance on BBC’s “Trust me I’m a Doctor”.

Here are some of the areas the Ideas Lab can support you with:

      • Give you ideas and useful contacts for knowledge transfer (KT) and public engagement projects.
      • Represent your research to radio, TV and multimedia producers who may wish to feature it in their programmes.
      • Advise you in any dealings with production companies, particularly if you are approached by producers for help developing a programme idea or asked to participate in filming as an interviewee.
      • Help you apply for media-related funding and fellowships.
      • Provide advice when you are commissioning a company to produce a video or a short film for you, and make sure you get value for money.
      • Screen test you if you’re interested in TV presenting, and help you come across at your best.

National reports

On this page we list a number of external reports, reviews, evaluation guidelines and public engagement strategies from across a variety of funders. We hope that you find these documents useful as a source of inspiration and information. We will update this page periodically as we become aware of new reports in the sector. [It is always useful to check if there is another more up to date version of the document, especially where documents are a few years old].



The Pathways to Culture Change is based on the work of the 10 Catalyst Seed Fund projects (CSFs) (which includes University of Birmingham). The report seeks to ensure that other HEIs can benefit from the insights of all 10 institutions involved in the CSF by sharing the journeys they have travelled, the learning they have done, and the tools they have generated.

The ten CSF projects were established in 2015 and have evidenced significant impact within their host universities. The Pathways to Culture Change report tells an encouraging story of what can be achieved relatively quickly with a limited budget. The report therefore provides useful insights for others wanting to develop their own project.

Research Councils UK

Research Councils UK (RCUK) is the strategic partnership of the UK’s seven Research Councils. The seven UK Research Councils are:

Concordat for Engaging the Public with Research

Research Councils UK Public Engagement with Research Strategy

STFC Public Engagement Strategy 2016-2021 

STFC Public Engagement: Attitudes Culture Ethos [Project Report, 2017]

NERC Public Engagement with Environmental Science 2016-2018 Strategy 

NERC Research Grants & Fellowships Handbook [details public engagement expectations]

MRC social media guidance (PDF, 559KB)

MRC public engagement and communications strategy 2014-19 (PDF, 1.07MB)

MRC QQR public engagement & communication guidance (PDF, 311KB)

MRC Evaluation & Reporting

BBSRC Public Engagement Strategy & Funding


EPSRC Public Engagement Guidance 

ESRC Public Engagement Guidance

ESRC Guidance for Collaboration




Other PE activities…

The are more activities to be announced in the coming months including: Specialist Factual New Talent Presenting Competition, You Heard it Here First, the Cancer Showcase day – and more. Watch this space!

Would you like to promote an event that you are organising? If so, please see the ‘events promotion toolkit‘!