PER Resources

We have a number of resources to help support the development and delivery of PE activities that you can download or borrow.

Downloadable resources:

Future Faces, Places and Spaces: Our Public Engagement Tarot game to help people developing engagement programmes to think about how to navigate challenges and opportunities. Developed for the NCCPE’s 2018 Engage conference. Find the card deck here (print double sided and test 1 page for margin alignment first), the instructions here and the worksheet here (best printed in A3).

Stakeholder Mapping: Click here to download our spider diagram, which you can use to plan and prioritise different engagement activities.

Logic Models: Having clear aims and knowing what outcomes you want from your engagement is imperative for high quality PER. Download our logic model template here.

Media Messaging: Writing for public audiences is a totally different ballgame to academic writing and the media have their own, highly specialised approaches to messaging. Download our media messaging guide here to help you adapt your writing for the public.

Physical items include: chairs and tables, iPads, headphones, tablecloths, banners and T-shirts. For more information email with ‘PERC resources‘ in the title of your message.

‘How To’ guides

We have started to create some simple ‘How To’ guides based around the core principles in PER.

You can access them below.

How To – PER for Social Distancing

How To – Getting Started in Public Engagement

How To – Funding

How To – Surveys

For further resources visit the NCCPE website.