Workshop slides

Where possible we aim to share PDF slides and other resources from different workshops and training sessions we run ourselves or organise with others.

In this section you will find slides from various workshops and training sessions. Please note, it is not always possible, practical or sensible to add slides to this page because of the size of the files, video content, animations which will obviously not necessarily translate outside of the session especially in PDF document format. In addition some speakers may not wish to share slides because of intellectual property or a variety of other reasons.

If you are looking for slides from our annual symposium ‘PER Day’ these will be found in their own section of the website, please look for them here under the year of the event.

Slides are put here in good faith for attendees to review after they have attended a session. Please do not use slide content without gaining permission from creator.

Creative Engagement Workshops

Interactive Media: Games, Apps & More (27 March 2019)

Performance & Immersive Experiences (23 May 2019)

STFC Interact 2019

Thanks for coming along to my public engagement workshop at Interact 2019.

Here you can find the Future Places, Spaces & Faces workshop resources used on the day. We’d appreciate where you make use of these that you credit our team for the development of this tool – thank you!