Thinktank Lates

On October 24th, 2019 over 20 different research groups from across all Colleges took part in THINKTANK LATES. Our first evening event in collaboration with the Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum.

We had talks, screenings, workshops, performances, interactive demos, guided walking tours and more, all inspired by research at University of Birmingham and delivered with a desire to position science and art together under the same roof.

The night also saw the launch ‘MICROBOTS’ – a new permanent exhibit designed by researchers Dr Thomas Montengro-Johnson, Dr Sara Jabbari, Dr Meurig Gallagher & Dr Gemma Cupples from the School of Mathematics. The interactive exhibit brings together research from several different research groups including work on robotics, fluid dynamics,  antimicrobial resistance modelling and image analysis – an amazing interdisciplinary and future-forward feat! You can see the exhibit for yourself by visiting the museum’s Futures Gallery.

Over 350 people attended on the night. Below you’ll find some of the photos from the event to get you inspired. We’d like to thank all the researchers who were involved on the night, the Thinktank museum and its staff, as well as our audiences. A more detailed report is coming soon!