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Public Engagement in the REF: Where’s our ambition?

By Caroline Gillett, Public Engagement with Research Officer:

I recently attended a session, ‘Lessons from the REF’, run by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). The day-long workshop focused on the outcomes of their review of the impact case studies and impact templates submitted to the Research Excellence Framework 2014 which featured public engagement.

Below are some of the key points I took from the day, which can help us learn about how to take Public Engagement activities forward:





For the highest scoring Units of Assessment there was at least one really strong example of PE featured within the template. Typically such templates articulated the following…


About the contributor:

Caroline is the University’s Public Engagement with Research (PER) Officer, a post funded through the RCUK Catalyst Seed Fund. Caroline works to support activities related to PER with the aim of moving towards greater understanding and delivery of research quality, impact and visibility (for REF but also more broadly). The focus of her work is specifically on creating momentum for culture change around public engagement with research to ensure such activity is better embedded and recognized within the University’s policies, procedures and practices. She is also a key member of the Public Engagement with Research Committee (PERC) and the module leader for PGCARMS Public Engagement for Postgraduates Graduate School course.

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