UoB Events

Here we provide a snapshot of the public engagement events and opportunities organized by or in collaboration with the PER Team as well as those we know of organised by UoB researchers (if you’d like your event to appear here, let us know!)

UOB PER team flagship events

In addition to the many smaller events we work on, the UoB PER team also lead on a number of larger events which act as ‘platforms’ for researchers from right across the University to take part in carrying out public engagement activity linked to their own research. The majority of these events take place in community and off-campus settings, to reach new and more diverse audiences who might otherwise never venture on to campus.

Are you a student?

Are you a school or college student looking for opportunities to try out some science communication? Or perhaps you are interested in some shadowing experience doing public engagement?

Drop us a line to find out what opportunities might exist for you: engage@contacts.bham.ac.uk