Workshop on creating videos

The Public Engagement Working Group (PEWG) organized a second support session for our ‘Less Talk, More Action’ video competition. Shawn Mayall and Angela Slater from the MDS web team kindly volunteered their time to host a drop-in session for anyone who might need some extra support in putting together a video short for the competition (or other public engagement activity). They were on hand to answer questions related to editing and processing short videos, as well as offering useful guidance on the planning/filming stages. Attendees were encouraged to bring their filming devices (cameras, Ipads, phones etc.) with them and to come ready with all their questions and footage so that they could make the most of the session. Angela & Shawn also put together a wealth of resources on the topic online for us HERE but the drop-in session allowed people to ask for more specific advice if needed.


The drop-in session took place on:

Tuesday 13th May, 12.00 – 1.30 pm

Sport and Exercise Sciences G84 Computer Cluster