Events Promotion Toolkit

There are a number of ways in which you can promote your event. In doing so, it is important that you provide the following details:

      • What date(s) is your event taking place?
      • What are the start and finish times? (particularly important for the web as both fields need to be completed)
      • Who is the event aimed at? Who is it for?
      • Who to contact for more details

Promoting to an external audience

  • Main University events pages
    These pages are targeted at anyone with an interest in attending events here at Birmingham, both externally and internally, so this should reach a large audience. You can submit an event using the events submission form.
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook)
    If you have your own social media channels (eg. Twitter, Facebook), they are good platforms for promoting your event and getting people talking about it before it happens. Alternatively you can encourage owners of relevant accounts (with a link to the event topic) to promote it on your behalf. View the directory of social media channels.
  • School events pages
    If your event is related to School research activity it may be suitable for the School events pages. Contact your Web Manager if you would like to have it added. This will be seen by visitors to the School site, so will help to get those interested in the broad subject area to see it.

Promoting internally

You are welcome to write a blog piece for this site and we are happy to add your public engagement events/workshops etc. on to our Twitter account and events calendar. Just get in touch via

You can also try the following:

  • The Intranet
    Items added to a College events pages should appear on the individual School Intranet areas, and items posted to individual schools will appear in the College area, so they will have wide coverage. Events can also be configured to appear on the main University Intranet events pages. If you would like to have an event added to the Intranet please contact your College Web Editor or Web Manager. Alternatively you can submit an event for the main University Intranet event pages using the events submission form (see above).
  • Buzz
    Buzz is the University of Birmingham’s award winning magazine, published every two months. If you have news, events or feature ideas please contact
  • Or Buzz Bitesize…
    Circulated monthly, buzz bitesize is an e-newsletter that is sent to all University staff and provides the latest news, views, events and opportunities from across campus in a handy to read digest style. You can submit content via the Buzz Bitesize submission form.
  • School newsletters
  • School mailing lists
    Head of school PA’s will have details of school mailings lists for staff and students
  • Posters
    On relevant notice boards
  • Canvas
    All students are registered onto Canvas (the new Virtual Learning Environment) when they start, so this is a good way to target them with relevant events. Contact your School Canvas coordinator to have something added.