Twitter Takeover @UOBengage

A day in the life of a… University of Birmingham researcher (as told through tweets)!

We are looking for UoB researchers to get involved in a day-long takeover of our Twitter account @UOBengage.


What does a Twitter Takeover involve?

  • You pick a date.

It could be a day where you are out and about running a public engagement activity/event or it could just be a normal day in your office or lab. It’s up to you!

  • You tweet to introduce yourself and/or your colleagues at the start of the day and make our followers aware that you have taken over our account for the day. Also make sure people know what area of research you work on. You can tweet individually or as part of research group.

An example first Tweet:

“Hello I’m XXXX & today my research group has taken over @UOBengage to introduce you to the research we do in the XXXX lab #TwitterTakeover”

  • Throughout the day you tweet about what you are doing! We’d like you to give people a sense of what your research activity involves and/or how your public engagement event is going. Feel free to also tweet photos so long as you have asked permission from anyone featured in the pictures.


Obviously, we ask that tweets are not offensive, inflammatory, inaccurate or likely to jeopardize your intellectual property. Tweets should be easy for a non-academic to understand, so try to avoid complicated terminology unless you can explain what it means! We welcome humour and a bit of fun, so long as we also get to understand your research life a little better too! 

There are no maximum number of tweets you need to send per day… so it could be 10, 20, 30… it’s up to you! This is a great chance to get your research out to a different audience so they can learn about what you do. We are happy for you to use the opportunity to promote existing UoB researcher / UoB research-related profile accounts too, just don’t go too overboard on promo or people might switch off!

If you’d like to takeover the @UOBengage account then drop an email to with a suggested date.

Upcoming Twitter Takeovers:

Nominate yourself!

Past Twitter Takeovers:

28 September 2016  – Centre for Doctoral training in Fuel Cells and their Fuels (Chemical Engineering), lead takeover contacts: James Walker and Aimee Jackson. Read all about James and Aimee’s #TwitterTakeover here.


23 November 2016 – UoB Business  Engagement took over our account during Food Matters Live, a B2B event exploring the relationship between food, health & nutrition which took place between 21 – 23 Nov 2017 at ExCeL London.


18 May 2017  – The TIMES Post-Graduate Forum for Midlands researchers interested in history, theology, law, philosophy, politics & arts, literature, and culture of Islamic world took over our account for their post-graduate Symposium day

3 June 2017 – Gemma Mason from the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies took over the @uobengage account to live tweet updates throughout the day at the XVIII Postgraduate Symposium, which this year was themed on ‘Multiculturalism from Late Antiquity to Modernity’.

cbpm symposium.png