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Twitter Takeover @UOBengage

A day in the life of a… University of Birmingham researcher (as told through tweets)!

We are looking for UoB researchers to get involved in a day-long takeover of our Twitter account @UOBengage.

What does a Twitter Takeover involve?

It could be a day where you are out and about running a public engagement activity/event or it could just be a normal day in your office or lab. It’s up to you!

An example first Tweet:

“Hello I’m XXXX & today my research group has taken over @UOBengage to introduce you to the research we do in the XXXX lab #TwitterTakeover”


Obviously, we ask that tweets are not offensive, inflammatory, inaccurate or likely to jeopardize your intellectual property. Tweets should be easy for a non-academic to understand, so try to avoid complicated terminology unless you can explain what it means! We welcome humour and a bit of fun, so long as we also get to understand your research life a little better too! 

There are no maximum number of tweets you need to send per day… so it could be 10, 20, 30… it’s up to you! This is a great chance to get your research out to a different audience so they can learn about what you do. We are happy for you to use the opportunity to promote existing UoB researcher / UoB research-related profile accounts too, just don’t go too overboard on promo or people might switch off!

If you’d like to takeover the @UOBengage account then drop an email to with a suggested date.

Upcoming Twitter Takeovers:

Nominate yourself!

Past Twitter Takeovers:

28 September 2016  – Centre for Doctoral training in Fuel Cells and their Fuels (Chemical Engineering), lead takeover contacts: James Walker and Aimee Jackson. Read all about James and Aimee’s #TwitterTakeover here.

23 November 2016 – UoB Business  Engagement took over our account during Food Matters Live, a B2B event exploring the relationship between food, health & nutrition which took place between 21 – 23 Nov 2017 at ExCeL London.

18 May 2017  – The TIMES Post-Graduate Forum for Midlands researchers interested in history, theology, law, philosophy, politics & arts, literature, and culture of Islamic world took over our account for their post-graduate Symposium day

3 June 2017 – Gemma Mason from the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies took over the @uobengage account to live tweet updates throughout the day at the XVIII Postgraduate Symposium, which this year was themed on ‘Multiculturalism from Late Antiquity to Modernity’.


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