fizzPOP Maker Space

Described as the workshop of your dreams, fizzPOP is a member-run, member-funded and member-led workshop & studio where Birmingham’s maker community meets to share knowledge, tools and creativity.

Members have 24/7 access to the space to work on their projects, but fizzPOP is not just for the benefit of its members. Open evenings are held every Wednesday from 7pm, where members and non-members alike can work on their projects, talk to like-minded people and get a feel for what a Makerspace is all about.

fizzPOP also gives makers the opportunity to work together on joint projects for various local good causes and businesses. Whether you’re interested in crafting, electronics, woodwork, metalwork, sewing, programming, prototyping, CNC, robotics, or nearly anything else, you can have access to the kind of tools that you would not normally have in your spare room or shed.

fizzPOP might be a place to consider if you are planning on designing or working on an innovate DIY public engagement project…

Find out more on their Get Involved page.