PubhD Birmingham

PubhD is a public speaking event set in the friendly (and familiar!) surroundings of the pub. It all began in Nottingham in January 2014 and soon spread to other cities across the UK and Europe – and now it has finally arrived in Brum!

How it works:

At each event, 3 speakers will talk about their research in the relaxed surroundings of the pub. The format on the night is simple:

  • Each speaker will each have just 10 minutes to present their research at “pub-level’ – no jargon allowed!

  • Afterwards there’s up to 20 minutes for an informal Q&A session with the audience

  • Speakers are only allowed a whiteboard and whatever props they can gather to present their work!

  • At the end, each speaker will be rewarded with a pint (or other drink) of their choice!

On the night, we ask for a donation of £1 per audience member to help fund future events and allow our three speakers the free drink they have earned!

We invite researchers from all over the area to come and join us! If you are interested in being involved or want to know more, get in touch by registering your interest online here.