UOB PER team flagship events

In addition to the many smaller events we work on, the UoB PER team also lead on a number of larger events which act as ‘platforms’ for researchers from right across the University to take part in carrying out public engagement activity linked to their own research. The majority of these events take place in community and off-campus settings, to reach new and more diverse audiences who might otherwise never venture on to campus.

These events are interdisciplinary to encourage those different perspectives and ideas to bounce off one another. We also aim to make taking part as simple as possible by taking care of the majority of the logistics involved in running and promoting the event. We also think that by working together as a community of researchers and staff interested in meaningful public engagement, we can collectively increase our public facing identity and presence, as well as build trust in what researchers and universities do, which in turn is good for us all.

We can work with you to develop an activity and we encourage all keen engagers to get involved, whether or not you have experience. Most activities involve demos, games, polls or other table-top activities which take only a few minutes to complete, but we are very open to your suggestions. So get in touch!

Research at the Heart of Brum

The University of Birmingham has been doing research that matters to Birmingham for over 100 years, but it’s not always easy to know about the amazing work that’s happening. If fact, in a recent poll in New Street Station, we found that around 50% of the public didn’t know any research even happened here! Research at the Heart of Brum wants to change that by bringing researchers and their incredible work out into communities.