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Dr Carl Stevenson (LES)

I am a geologist with a broad interest in how geological materials flow and become distributed in the subsurface. This research has taken in a wide range of geological processes from how magma (molten rock) is accumulated and stored in the Earth’s crust before erupting at a volcano, to how glaciers flow. My experience in public engagement includes talks and lessons in schools, public lectures and leading field excursions. I am active in several non-academic geological groups in promoting Earth and geosciences.

Earth Science is a subject that naturally captures the imagination and inspires children and students to pursue a career in science. As a society we need geoscientists leading the way in industry and advancing the way we understand our planet and how to look after it. I firmly believe that cutting edge research can be made accessible to everyone and that engagement is vital in ensuring that research has an impact. Through L2E I am keen to develop better engagement with schools and young people to promote science and geosciences as an important part of STEM education that will ultimately benefit us all.


Twitter: @drfarlos


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