Professor Iseult Lynch (LES)

Iseult Lynch is a physical chemist who now dabbles in environmental science to understand the fate and impacts of tiny engineered particles (nanoparticles).  She holds a post as Senior Lecturer in Environmental Nanoscience, with a specific interest in the interactions of nanomaterials surfaces with biomolecules such as dissolved organic matter and proteins and polysaccharides secreted by organisms.  Examples of engagement of the public in research activities in which she has been involved include an Alchemist Café Dublin presentation on opportunities and challenges of nanomaterials in the environment, contributions to teacher training via the Prince’s Teaching Institute where she discussed nanomaterials in the context of acid-base chemistry or organic chemistry, and acting as an expert for DEFRA and ScienceWise’s public dialogue on nanomaterials regulation.  She is co-organising a “wold café” session on nanomedicine at the upcoming European Open Science Forum (ESOF) in Manchester in June 2016.  She is keen to develop new ways of engaging young people, and young women in particular, with science and technology.