Dr Zsuzsanna Nagy (MDS)

I have trained as a medical doctor but have chosen to work as a scientist very early on in my career. I am a Senior Lecturer in the College of Medical and Dental Sciences and the leader of the Dementia research group.
For the last 22 years my research has concentrated on age-related neurodegenerative disorders, with emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease. At present I am working on risk factors that influence the development of the disease.
As the promised treatments have failed one after another and this untreatable disease is threatening to reach epidemic proportions, I feel that reaching out to the public has become ever more urgent.
I have made it my mission to increase the awareness of this terrible disease and draw attention to the immediate need for funding and research in the field. My talks also aim to raise public awareness of the modifiable (environmental and lifestyle) risk factors for Dementia in an effort to help people prevent or at least delay the onset of the disease.

Email: z.nagy@bham.ac.uk


Zsuzsanna Nagy Wedpage: http://www.birmingham.ac.uk/staff/profiles/inflammation-ageing/Nagy-Zsuzsanna.aspx

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