The Wellcome Trust – International engagement awards

These support work that builds capacity for public engagement with biomedical research in sub-Saharan Africa, south-east Asia and south Asia. Projects should aim to do the following:

  • stimulate dialogue about biomedical research and its impact on the public in a range of community and public contexts;
  • promote innovative partnerships between community organisations, the cultural sector and scientists or researchers;
  • strengthen capacity to conduct public engagement with biomedical science and health research.

Wellcome Trust – Science Media Studentship

wellcome_logoThese studentships offer financial support for up to three PhD-level biomedical scientists to undertake postgraduate qualifications at Imperial College London or the National Film and Television School (NFTS).

Our research shows that the overwhelming majority of the public regard television as their most significant source of information about science. We believe that the broadcast media should represent and reflect all areas of science and culture, and therefore should be produced by people from a variety of different backgrounds.