ScienceGrrl’s Brum chapter seeks new recruits for BSF event

The Birmingham chapter of ScienceGrrl are recruiting women scientists and engineers for the British Science Festival event, ‘I’m a ScienceGrrl, Talk to Me’.

It will take place around Birmingham Central Library, on Saturday 6th September 10:00 till 16:00 and is described briefly below.

This is a great opportunity for women role models to share, with a family audience, their passion for why they work in science and engineering,

Bringing women in science out of the shadows

At the British Science Association’s 2014 conference last week our own academic champion Jon Wood led a discussion session on how to publicise the work of women already in science, technology, engineering and mathematics together with Suze Kundu, Laurie Winkless and Heather Williams.

You can read more about the major conclusions from the discussion here.