Upcoming PE Events

There are lots of events planned over the next 12 months in which you can get involved. We have tried to list all the relevant information including submission deadlines for all activities as well as the likely audience each event will attract. 

Do you have research which perhaps ties in with a national day. For example: Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (March) , Prostrate Cancer Awareness Month (March), World Meteorological Day (March 23), World Tuberculosis Day (March 24), World Purple Day (Epilepsy; March 26), National Doctors Day (March 30), Hug a Medievalist Day (March 31), National Autism Awareness Month (April), Bowel Cancer Awareness Month (April), Youth Homelessness Matters Day (April 1), International Children’s Book Day (April 2), World Health Day (April 7), Draw a Picture of a Bird Day (April 8), World Parkinson’s Day (April 11), International Day of Human Space Flight (April 12), Look up at the Sky Day (April 14), 1755 Publication of Dictionary of the English Language by Dr. Samuel Johnson (April 15), World Haemophilia Day (17 April), World Voice Day (April 16), Football World Cup 2014, and many more (try google if you are not sure…)

Don’t forget that you can apply for funding to support your work. Funding is available internally from the University of Birmingham catalyst fund, and externally from Research Councils and learned societies, for most of these events.  For more information visit the funding pages.