Royal Society – Science Communication Training Courses

Scientists communicating their work is key to expanding the frontiers of knowledge, and the Royal Society’s courses will help you to do this effectively and memorably. Our ‘Writing about your research’ and ‘Media skills’ courses are designed exclusively for scientists, and are tutored by leading communication specialists.

PINT OF SCIENCE is back in 2015 and is coming to a pub near you in Birmingham!

Pint of Science Logo with GlassesPint of Science 2015 – Monday 18th May to Wednesday 20th May 2015 –

Scientists carry out the most incredible and innovative experiments; growing brain cells in a flask, developing nano-particles to carry drugs around the body or trying to discover dark matter 500 metres below ground level. Yet, this sounds like science fiction to most people. Pint of Science is all about getting these amazing stories out of the lecture theatre or laboratory to people in a familiar, relaxed environment.


Speakezee is a new platform which brings together event organisers and academic speakers.
At its heart is the desire to help more academics engage with the public and to make it easier for organisers to find relevant experts to talk at their event, whatever the size.

It also allows academics to advertise their specialist talks to other academics who organise departmental seminars. More information…

NCCPE Public Engagement Academy and Training Opportunities

The NCCPE are excited to be launching their first Public Engagement Academy. The Academy is aimed at anyone who is working to enhance the quality, visibility and impact of public engagement with research within their organisation, and will help people to develop a working plan on engagement, relevant to your area of research. Visit their website for further details on this exciting new course.

NCCPE Training – Alongside their Academy, the NCCPE have also got a range of excellent training opportunities on offer for 2015. The dates for these are as follows:

1st April: Beginners’ guide to public engagement
16th April: Beginners’ guide to evaluation
11th June: Beginners’ guide to evaluation
30th June: Research in context
14th July: Beginners’ guide to public engagement
7th October: Evaluation masterclass
28th October: Evaluation masterclass

For full details including venues and costs, please visit the NCCPE website