Science Showoff at the Birmingham Repertory theatre


The Science Showoff is a chaotic open mic night for scientists, science communicators, science teachers, historians and philosophers of science, students, science popularisers and anyone else with something to show off about science.

What is it?  A chaotic cabaret night with a science theme. The show will have 10 of the most interesting science-y people from your area together, on stage one after another to entertain a lovely crowd with demonstrations, talking, jokes, music, video, dance… Whatever they like, really. In-between them all a weird man in glasses tells jokes about science.

Are you a science-y person? That’s fantastic news. We like all sorts, from scientists, to teachers, to journalists, to students, to artists, to poets, to singer-songwriters, and anyone else at all. We’d love to have you up on stage being brilliant about science. Are you up for that?

The show is coming to town on the evening of Saturday February 22nd to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, to do a special gig about Space as part of their Brecht Festival, Epic Encounters. If you’re based anywhere in the Midlands and have something to show off about any aspect of space do sign up. It’ll be amazing.

Where do you sign up to perform? Right here:

The first 7 people to sign up are guaranteed slots of up to 9 minutes on the night to do whatever they like as long as it has a science flavour. The organisers hold three slots for invited guests. There are two ‘waiting list slots’ available on the online booking sheet in case one of the first 7 backs out, gets sick or is otherwise ruled out. Usually no-one is allowed to book two slots in any three month period, and there are variations on this rule for gigs in cities where we don’t perform every month.

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  1. You can buy tickets (£5/£3) and find out more here:

    An amazing night of space-themed material will include:

    Steve Cross – your MC and veteran of Science Showoffs all over the UK. He has shiny glasses and a surprisingly low-brow sense of humour for a man with so much science in him.

    Rowena Fletcher-Wood – I am going to be talking about the Vogon Theory – how Mossbauer Spectroscopy can help us work out if the threat of Vogons blowing up the earth is looming on the horizon.

    Sarah Cosgriff – Would you mine a big ball of rock that is travelling fast in space? I will be talking about asteroid mining, a rather science-fiction sounding idea that could become reality.

    One Thousand Ladder Theatre Company – Dennis Sold Me The Moon uses accapella close harmony singing of songs such as Bowie’s Space Oddity and Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman, poetic storytelling and playful shadow puppetry to tell the story of man’s journey to the Moon.

    Flux Dance Theatre Company – Flux Dance Theatre are interested in what happens when art and science collide. See for yourself, through watching an except from their latest work, how dance performance can provide audiences with a fresh perspective on how we can view, learn and talk about science.

    Jon Wood – “It IS Rocket Science” There are many ways to get this off the ground and I’m going to compare the elemental to the elements.

    Chrissie Waddington – A brief history of the Rosetta probe, including: Rosetta awake again and the comet encounter in November. Why we want to land a probe on a comet.


    The gig starts at 7.45pm and you can find all the details of how to find us here:

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