STFC Interact 2019

Thanks for coming along to my public engagement workshop at Interact 2019.

Here you can find the Future Places, Spaces & Faces workshop resources used on the day. We’d appreciate where you make use of these that you credit our team for the development of this tool – thank you!

Future Places, Space and Faces: Our Public Engagement Tarot game to help people developing engagement programmes to think about how to navigate challenges and opportunities. Originally developed for the NCCPE’s 2018 Engage conference to fit their ‘Futures’ theme – hence the idea to play on the idea of fortune telling. Find the original card deck here (print double sided and test 1 page for margin alignment first), the instructions here and the worksheet here (best printed in A3). I  created some special ‘RESEARCH THEME’ cards especially for the STFC Interact event, these have more of a Physics focus and you can download those here. Workshop slides from the event are here.


Caroline Gillett

Research Engagement Officer & workshop lead

Public Engagement Tarot game cards

Disclaimer: Our cards are of course not real Tarot cards, and we hope not to offend anyone by using this term. Rather, we drew inspiration from the look and feel of Tarot cards and the idea that they can predict the future, which is something we all try to do in our own small way as we make plans for events and life in general. I was also inspired by the work of Jodorowsky, whose work I am a personal fan of.